For Safety’s Sake, Call Congress Today

Ashland, Virginia

The nation’s largest shippers are marching on Congress today, standing up for higher profits. If they are successful in convincing lawmakers to allow bigger and heavier trucks, it will cost taxpayers more money in road repairs and result in less safe highways.

Big business, under the banner of the US Chamber of Commerce, claiming it is “Standing Up for Trucking”, is after a Big Business Bailout, by shifting their costs onto the taxpayer. Bigger, heavier trucks will save shippers money, they will not create a safer environment. Roads are already is dismal shape, there is insufficient safe parking for the current size and weight trucks. Where do lawmakers think these bigger, heavier trucks will stop safely in order to comply with the new Hours of Service rules which will put more trucks off the road for longer periods of time for safety breaks.

Shippers want to save money to boost profits and every taxpayer will pay more in increased taxes to cover the cost of increased road repairs.

Owner Operators will pay more in higher costs for heavier trucks, more diesel to pull heavier loads and more wear and tear on their equipment and the roadways we all share.

Stop the Big Business Bailout by calling your Congressional Representative and Senators. Call Capital Hill at at 202-224-2131. Tell the operator your zipcode and ask for your the office of your Congressperson and your Senior and Junior Senators.

Tell them to freeze the current weight limit on trucks at 80,000 pounds. Tell them bigger, heavier trucks will cost you more money. Tell them this is a Big Business Bailout and we cannot afford it.

3 thoughts on “For Safety’s Sake, Call Congress Today

  1. Marlaina: Thanks for informing us.This ad is running on the Washington Post website. Glad to see it. think if the word gets out, the public will not be in favor of this.Last week, Susan B. Komen goes off the rails.This week, keep your family safer behind the wheel, and keep your roads in better repair. (Like our country spends enough on infrastructure even now.)Good work.


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