Pounding Team Miles

Tacoma, Washington

“I didn’t think I’d see you again,” said the longshoremen at the Port of Tacoma. He was unplugging the Genset, the refrigerated unit, on the container that we had been attached to for a week.

“What do you mean,” I asked. “We didn’t look experienced enough to make it back in one piece.”

He thought we were long haulers, he said, over-the-road types, and picked up a can, (a container), as a “one-off thing.”

“We are long-haulers,” I told him. “We took this container to Pennsylvania and we brought it back.”

“That’s a long way,” he said.

Roundtrip it’s 5,607 miles in seven days.

Since we haven’t done that in awhile, we’re sleeping.

2 thoughts on “Pounding Team Miles

  1. We are but not yet. As of January 1 we are illegal in California. We have a 2006 engine, with no Diesel Particulate Filter, and an APU with no Diesel Particulate Filter. So no go says CARB, the California Air Resources Board. It's one of the reasons we decided to invest in our trailer and now the tarping system. To take advantage of freight lanes that go into Canada. I am going to write about this probably for January 1. I have collected photos of lovely sunny Southern California. The weather really is marvelous almost all of the time. But we are up to our eyeballs figuring out the best way to cover our wagon.


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