The Seatbelts and a Stinkbug

Lansdowne, Ontario

In my best Mrs. Dressup tone, putting 25-years of broadcasting experience to use, we made a video for our friend Jennie’s Grade 3-4 class in nearby Maitland.

The Seatbelts and a Stinkbug

One of the students in our friend Jennie’s Grade 3-4 class in Maitland, Ontario named our kill sheet a roadkill counter.

To thrill her kids, the teacher extraordinaire asked us to give them the inside scoop on our tractor, since we were delivering 31,000 pounds of geo-textiles, giant screen-like sheets of plastic to their local landfill.

The first photo Jennie showed them was a closeup of the tractor door, which has a sign that says: Team Operation, Co-Driver in Bunk. Underneath it are silhouettes of five deer, a hawk and a turtle. Our road kills.

“I didn’t tell them anything about the sign, which could have been on anything at all,” she reported later by email.  “They thought at first that it was a sign on a wildlife sanctuary, but they were confused about the bunk bed reference.  Then they figured out that it was a tractor, but thought at first that the animal decals meant that you were a wildlife transport.”

I think pretty smart getting the idea of a heavy-highway tractor from that snippet of information.

We showed them where we sleep and demonstrated the cargo net that protects the sleeping co-driver when we’re moving. We showed them where I cook food, where I make MacGyver’s sandwiches. We explained the cockpit, which had security cuffs on the tractor and trailer brake to prevent them being released since we were loaded. We described how we get loads through the computer and showed them our Canadian and USA WiFis. We talked about the vibration-canceling Bose ride driver seat. We opened the hood to show the oil bypass system that allows us to have 410,000 miles on our engine oil. We opened the storage box behind the tractor, the Vespa garage, and revealed MacGyver’s escape pod.

So what impressed the kids most about our home and business?

Jennie sent excerpts from her students’ journals. We’ve corrected spelling for readability.

“I learned that trucks have garages, and I learned that when you’re sleeping there is a seatbelt.  I also learned that hoods on trucks can go up, and I learned that there is brake cuffs.  And I learned that MacGyver and Marlaina have USA internet and Canada internet.”

“Trucks can have garages and seatbelts on their beds.  A stinkbug rode all the way from Carolina.  They have a motorcycle in the garage.  They make food with a microwave.  When MacGyver washes the truck he stands on the engine.”

“I learned about how they cook their food in the microwave. MacGyver is so so cool.  And the Marlaina is so so cool.  The seatbelts were on the bed and the garage is awesome.” (I love “the Marlaina”. – Jennie)

“MacGyver and Marlaina make their food in a microwave.  They have a seatbelt on their bed so they don’t fall out if they hit a big bump.  They get internet for the states and Canada so when they go over the bridge they just plug the cords in the wall.  MacGyver and Marlaina have stickers on the side of their truck.”

“One thing I know is they had a seatbelt on the bed so they won’t fall on the ground.  And also a stinkbug rode all the way from Carolina.  They have a fridge on the truck.  They have a motorcycle in the garage.  P.S.  They have lots of internet and two phones.”

“MacGyver and Marlaina live in a truck.  There is a seatbelt on the bed.  They make food.  MacGyver is a good fix-it man.  A stinkbug rode all the way from Carolina.”

“They push a red button when it is icy (for the automatic tire chains).  A stinkbug rode all the way from Carolina.”

“They make their food in a microwave.  They have a garage on the truck.  They have automatic chains on the truck.  They have pictures of the animals they hit and a motorbike in the garage.”

“They have 2 kinds of internet: the USA internet and Canada internet.  They take turns driving at night.  Marlaina makes snacks and food, drinks and other things.”

“I never knew that trucks can have a garage or a seatbelt on the bed.  I did not know that you need a USA and Canada GPS.  MacGyver and Marlaina have a roadkill counter.”

MacGyver says I hope we haven’t given them the idea that all trucks come with a Vespa. They will be disappointed.

And the stinkbug, that was a throw-a-way comment, when at the end of the video we noticed one crawling on the passenger window.

8 thoughts on “The Seatbelts and a Stinkbug

  1. SO funny. Love that a lot of them really picked up on the stinkbug, as if that was the most interesting thing you said. LOL The roadkill counter is pretty accurate and if they know anything about MacGyver, they know that yes, there is lots and lots of internet.And I love "the Marlaina". You know that's what I'm going to call you now, right?Cheers,The Salena


  2. That is very cute and entertaining.Do we have stinkbugs in Canada? Do they really stink?I'll need to take a look at that video….those kids know more than I do.My son stands on the engine?? Oh my gawd !!!LQTMMom D


  3. Just love what kids write. Looks like it might be a tie between the seat belt on your bed and the stowaway stinkbug! Funny what sticks in peoples' minds. Loced this post.


  4. Dave: We were the stars of this video, our friend Jennie was the producer, director and cinematographer. So I don't know how she chose to use the video. Short answer, we don't have it.Gil: We did not even remember that we mentioned the stinkbug until we read the comments. It is interesting what they remember. Jennie said the kids were NOT interested in the Bose ride, they thought it was spoiling the fun of bouncing around.Dianne: Apparently they do stink, but the bigger deal we've been told is that when you kill them they multiply. So you have to get rid of the dead bodies so they don't attract any buddies.Salena: I was impressed with the "roadkill counter" as well, I never thought of calling it that, but that's the name now.


  5. What a great lesson/insight into another lifestyle/business! That was so wonderful of you to share this with the kids. I'll bet a resourceful teacher can make a very interesting series of lessons from this. It can branch into so many topics – my head is spinning.


  6. I wish you could get Jennie to post the video, or maybe allow you to send it to your blog fans, on request.Laughing about the roadkill counter. (I guess Salena has to put a bear on their tractor?)You and McGyver make such an interesting show and tell.


  7. Belledog — ssssh…that's Salena's Christmas present! I will ask Jennie if she feels her videography skills are ready for prime time.Virginia — It surprised us how much there was to talk about, and you know me, once I got started, there was almost no stopping me.


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