Attention Toronto: I Heard It At The Truckstop

Gary, Indiana

“…I’m a truck driver,” I heard the voice from the toilet in the ladies restroom in the TA truck stop say as I walked in the door. “I can’t smoke crack cocaine.”

Before I divulge more of what I eavesdropped — except when someone is talking in their outdoor voice on the toilet in a public restroom it is not eavesdropping — I must confirm that bluetooth headsets have removed the boundaries of good taste for many people. It is common in both ladies and mens restrooms in truckstops for truck drivers to sit on the toilet and talk on the phone.

“I never watch the TV news, it’s too depressing,” she continued. “I musta been home cuz there it was on the TV,” she said incredulously, “he said he smoked crack cocaine.”

Long pause while my friend listens. “They say smoking crack cocaine makes your mind not right, it must, because he said it ON TV!!”

I knew who she was talking about the minute I heard the first mention of crack cocaine.

Toronto, you really hit the big time. Here’s an American truck driver, I can tell by the accent, who spends most of her time on the road and readily admits that she almost never watches television and she knows that the Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, admitted that he has smoked crack cocaine.

That’s notoriety.

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