New & Improved

Port St. Lucie, Fla.

We’ve rested. We’re refreshed. Life with No Fixed Address is reborn.

Naw! The shitstorm that is 2015 has subsided a little. And well, I want, even need, to talk about it.


Trying to stuff 2015 down the infamous Fargo, N.D. woodchipper. We’ve been passing the Visitor Center, home of the woodchipper, made famous in the movie Fargo, for years. We stopped in July for some anxiety management.

You may recall, there has been one post so far in 2015. Our pre-India post. We went, we saw, we returned. To chaos. But we have stories to tell, tips to pass along and photos to share. And we’ll bring you up to date on our year so far.

Since the blog was on the shelf so long, and Belledog complained, MacGyver decided we should have a new look. We have switched from a Squarespace format to WordPress. And we need an easier-to-use format so we can post in a timely manner. The format will showcase the photos with the stories.

This WordPress template allows readers to receive an email message when a new post has been uploaded.  Click on “follow” and add your email address.

Of course, in keeping with the theme of 2015 — one step forward, one-and-a-half-back — the switch has been aggravating for MacGyver. First there’s a problem sorting out the pages. Then the text from the previous posts has been imported, but there’s an issue with some of the photos. Realistically that may or may not happen. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. If not, oh well.

We will try to add the older posts and photos to this new site, but until then the old posts can be found here.

In the meantime, Life with No Fixed Address has been resuscitated.

2 thoughts on “New & Improved

    • Julie, great to hear you. Thank you. I’m already working on the next post. I missed writing the stories, it’s our record of our life out here, and I love being able to share it.


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